„Change your behavior, not the climate” / Training Course

From July 11th to 21st I participated in the conference on global climate change hosted by Amsed: „Change your behaviour, not the climate”, as a facilitator.
For 9 days, the participants got the chance to closely work in intercultural groups on workshops regarding best practices from all participating countries.
With AMSED’s planned activities, like meetings with civil society representatives, climate change researchers and practical visit to organic social farms, everyone’s view over climate change expanded and helped the participants to better understand and work on their best practices and country recommendations. In the end of the seminar, they had a solid foundation of knowledge about climate change.
Intercultural activities and work groups opened the opportunity  to connect their different backgrounds and find similarities among each other, creating a great working environment to share, improve and develop best practices and eco gestures to reduce the carbon footprint.
The participants took home the informal education tools that helped them interact and surpass language barriers. The intercultural nights and the language exercises helped them in the first days to get to know each other and make lasting friendships.
written by Andreea Iosif / mentor in A.C.T.O.R.

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