A farewell to Africa: Euromed Youth Project „Paroles Jeunesse”, Nabeul, Tunisia 5-15 februarie 2016 – Eliza Nițulescu


Pe data de 5 februarie, alarma a sunat mult mai devreme decat de obicei anunțând o nouă aventură. Despre ce este vorba? Pe scurt camile, sirocco, palmieri, harissa si ritmuri inedite de mișcat din șolduri. Da, ati ghicit, este vorba despre Africa. Mai exact, Tunisia, o țară din partea nordica, care ne-a fascinat prin locurile si oamenii sai.
In acea zi de 5 februarie, in aeroport se simtea un iz de oboseala, dar unul si mai predominant de entuziasm. Doi lideri extrem de simpatici, talentati si pregatiti sa suporte trei fiinte mai speciale de fel : una cu par verde, una cu o tiara de printesa, iar cea din urma extreme de energica.

Dupa doua zboruri nu foarte lungi, am ajuns in final in aeroportul din Tunis in jurul pranzului unde am fost dusi la hotelul nostru aflat la aproximativ 2 ore, in Nabeul.
Am fost dusi la un mic restaurant unde am facut cunostiinta cu un condiment inedit si care pana la sfarsitul schimbului a devenit prietenul nostru : Harissa sau pasta de ardei iuti.

La hotel am fost primiti cum se cuvine, fiind insa primii participanti ajunsi. Am fost cazati in bungalouri, aflate chiar langa plaja, asa ca Marea Mediterana ne inviora in fiecare dimineata.

Incepand cu ziua urmatoare au venit si ceilalti participant din Franta, Italia, Algeria, Tunisia si Egipt. Ne-am imprietenit incepand cu prima seara de activitati impreuna cand, inca timizi si nestiind la ce sa ne asteptam unii de la altii, doar am apucat sa facem schimb de cateva vorbe. Acest lucru nu a durat insa mult, caci la finalul schimbului multi nu mai doream sa plecam.

La inceputul schimbului a fost fixat un program de activitati si de workshop-uri, care a suferit mici modificari, dar in mare parte a fost respectat si am reusit sa obtinem rezultate la final.

In fiecare dimineata luam micul-dejun impreuna si mai impartaseam opinii, impresii, ganduri, faceam schimb de intrebari legate de tarile noastre.

Dimineata aveam in general cateva activitati de tip “warming up” care sa ne ajute sa mai interactionam si sa ne trezim pe deplin, iar in timpul pranzului ne ocupam fie de workshop-urile de teatru/cinema/origami sau de percutie in Maamoura, fie aveam alte activitati.

Intr-una din zile ne-am ocupat si de seara interculturala, unde fiecare tara si-a prezentat cat mai bine cultura, traditiile si obiceiurile, dar si preparate specific, fiind asadar o seara pe care am savurat-o pe deplin.

Pe langa activitatile impuse de proiect, ne-am bucurat si de timp liber, in care am reusit sa ne testam skill-urile de negociat, reusind in final sa cumparam celor dragi suvenirurile mult asteptate. Am fost fascinate atat de micul Nabeul, cat si de marele Tunis, care ne-au ajutat sa cunoastem mai bine aceasta tara.

La finalul proiectului, ne-am prezentat cu totii rezultatele workshop-urilor, cei de la teatru/cinema/origami obtinand atat o mica sceneta cu personaje din  origami, cat si un scurt filmulet, ambele avand la baza ideea manipularii politice, dar si discrimanrile din societatea actuala. Cei de la percutie ne-au incantat cu o reprezentatie foarte originala.

Per total, cu totii ne-am bucurat de aceasta experienta minunata si inedita, am reusit sa cunoasteam oameni noi si interesanti cu care am impartasit multe ganduri frumoase si de la care am avut de invatat cate ceva. Si la fel cum multi au spus si vor mai spune : “It’s never a goodbye, it’s a see you later”.


On the 5th of  February, the alarm was ringing way earlier than usually, announcing a new adventure.
Wondering what is all about? To sum up, camels, palm trees, harrisa and rythms which make you move your hips.Yes, you are right, I’m talking about Africa. To be more exact, Tunisia, a country situated in the northern part, which has fascinated us with its places and people.
On that day of February the 5th, in the airport, you could feel a little bit of tiredness, but also a strong feeling of enthusiasm. Two group leaders, extremely nice and talented were prepared to deal with 3 “special” human beings : one with green hair, one wearing a princess tiara and the last one being full of energy.
After two not so long flights, we have finally arrived at the airport of Tunis around lunch, from where we were taken to our hotel, almost 2 hours far, in Nabeul.
We were also taken to a small restaurant where we were so enchanted to meet with an interesting spice, which until the end of the exchange became our friend : Harrisa or red pepper paste.

At the hotel, we were warmly welcomed, being the first participants to arrive. The housing was in bungalows near the sea, so the Mediterranean Sea was refreshing us every morning.

Starting with the next day, the other participants from France, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt starting showing up. We started getting to know each other since the first day, even if we we were all a bit shy and we didn’t know what to expect. However, despite this, by the end of the exchange we managed to become friends and most of us didn’t really want to go back home.

At the beginning of the exchange, the project leader, Mr. Rachid, along with other members of the Tunisian team fixed a schedule of activities and workshops, which was slightly changed throughout the project, but overall we ended up respecting it and obtaining results.

Every morning we were having breakfast together, where we were sharing opinions, thoughts, impressions and we were asking each other questions about different subjects. After this, we were usually having activities such as the “Warming up”, in order to interact and also to wake up fully. During lunch, we would meet with our workshop leaders and team : cinema/theatre/origami and percussion, so as to work on our projects. These were taking place in the village/small city of Maamoura, along with other activities.

One day, we also prepared the intercultural evening, where every country had the opportunity of presenting as well as possible its culture, traditions, but also specific dishes, thus being an evening which we have all enjoyed deeply.

Besides the project’s activies, we were also excited about our free time, giving us the chance of testing our negociating skills, in the end managing to buy the so waited souvenirs for the loved ones. We were fascinated by the petite Nabeul, as well as the mighty Tunis, which helped us to get to know better this lovely country.

At the end of the project, we have presented the results of our workshops, the ones from cinema/theatre/ origami showing a little play with characters made of origami, but also a short movie, both of them being based on the idea of political manipulation and discriminations of the actual society. The percussion team have enchanted with a original and loud representation.

Summing up everything, we have all enjoyed the taste of this amazing and  unique experience, managing to know new and interesting people with whom we have shared beautiful thoughts and who have taught us something. And as many have said before and will also say : “It’s never a goodbye, it’s a see you later”!

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