Despre „Equal Life Changes for Youth” – Irlanda (01-08 august 2015) / Popescu Lavinia, Mitu Alina (Grădinița 7)

We are Popescu Lavinia and Mitu Alina,and we are working at Kindergarden no.7,as teachers. This summer A.C.T.O.R. gave us the opportunity for the first time to participate to a program ERASMUS PLUS in Ireland from 1st to 8th august.

The main subject of the program was “Equal life chances for Youth training.For us,this program was an unique experience from all points of view starting with having the chance to meet people all over the Europe that I kept in touch with and finishing with our second big experience we will never forget:four days that we spent in an irish hospital.Alina had an accident while we were doing an exercise with our trainers:Jack and Deirdre Talbot.

Speaking of trainers….They were friendly,well prepared,amazing teachers and great guides who introduced us to the beautiful and green Ireland.We visited a lot of places and the activities were exciting,interactive,interesting using only non-formal learning.

As teachers trough this project we had the chance to see our activity from different angles and to learn a new approaches for children education and to improve our English.

We also chanced informations with other participants about our countries and we hope we chanced a little bit some opinions about Roumania and roumaniansJ.

Iven if we experienced more the medical services from Ireland than the other  our answer to:”Do you want to involve yourselves to another project like this?” was “Absolutely!”

With the help from A.C.T.O.R. ,who introduced us to this kind of program we were able to develope our skils as a trainer by helping young volunteers to learn how to work with children,to write a lesson plan and to show them what a teacher for kindergarden and primary school means.It was an interesting and inspireing experience !

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